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Arabic calligraphy is an ancient art but it looks very successfully towards the future. From the Writers with their calligraphies in the streets of the big cities to the young  designers who create new kinds of scripts. Because there is no limit to creativity! I like using the “Qalam” and ink but there are modern techniques too. The harmony and balance of Arabic script triumphs also through digital art or collages but also with engraving.

  • Qalam

    I love qalam because it is the main instrument of calligraphy. Calligraphy has become very important in part because of religious restrictions on figurative art, but also for the love of Muslims for the arabesque, the multiple repetition of patterns that multiply and intertwine which represent infinity.

    With calligraphy, a simple word or proverb can become an intricate abstract design, so complex to be almost unreadable. The Koran has inspired Islamic art. My qalams are from Iraq, born in the reed beds near the Mesopotamian marshlands. In fact, the best qalam must be born in the desert, but near the water. In this way they will be flexible, good for calligraphy. Now the construction of the Ilisu Dam is draining the marshes and perhaps, unfortunately, these are the last qalam

  • Etchings

    I do acquaforte which is the process of eliminating with acid the unprotected parts of a metal surface and then create a design engraved in the metal, and drypoint. But I also love the woodcut (engraving on wood or linoleum), also using experimental techniques. This is also an ancient art that looks to the future.

  • Collage & Paper Cut

    Collage is an artistic technique, mainly used in the visual arts, where the artwork is constituted by an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. My collage may include magazines and newspaper clippings, spray paint, pieces of colored paper, or handmade paper, or Arabic texts, photography and calligraphy.

  • Calligraffiti & Stencil Graffiti

    I am a graffiti fan. I love public art. True art must reach the feelings and emotions of the audience, has to communicate and bring to life the excitement hidden in their hearts. The world is increasingly frantic and everything is moving fast. We often prefer a “do not make us think” movie and people moves away from the works of art that instead, lead us to reflect. For this reason, art should reach out to people, as well as the Street Art do.

    I like the speed, so, I often use the stencil. For Stencil graffiti is used the cardboard or other materials where drawing  an image or text easily reproducible. The design is engraved on the support and then the image is transferred on a surface by using spray or roll-on paint. Those who use the stencil have many motivations. For me it is an easy and fast method to produce a universal message.

  • Tempera

    I've  used tempera in the artworks made for the  exhibition

    "Mille e un segno, tre calligrafi in mostra"

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