“The traditional Turkish Islamic arts from the point of view of foreign artists.” Turkish cultural center of Rome -Italy

“CHOUFTOUHONNA” Third Festival international d'art féministe de Tunis. Tunisia



“Reykjavik” Art Museum a display with artist Yoko Ono in the Harbor House in Reykjavik city. Iceland

“Festival international des arts plastiques de Mahrès.” Tunisia

“CHOUFTOUHONNA” Second Festival international d'art féministe de Tunis Carthage. Tunisia

“Seventh edition of Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial under the theme: Dot”. Sharjah - UAE



“International Festival of Calligraphy” Art Museum of The China Academy of Art - Hangzhou - China

“3rd Tone International Miniature Art Exhibition”  Organize by Tone Art Society of Bangladesh Gallery Chitrak and Athena Gallery Dhaka - Bangladesh



“Violino d’Autore a Pesaro” EX CUBO (Conservatorio G. Rossini) - Pesaro - Italy



“Violino d’Artista” Museum of Villa Torlonia - Casina delle Civette - Rome - Italy



“Qalam for Peace: A bridge of art from Rome to Sharjah” - Solo exhibition - Sharjah Calligraphy Museum UAE

“Calligraffitti” Workshop inspired by Street Art - Sharjah UAE



“Porte del Mediterraneo” Cultural Center Bocca della Verità - Rome - Italy

“20 Anni di Libertà” Anniversary of Un Ponte per... Community centre “Brancaleone” Rome - Italy

“Saffron calligraphy” Villino Campi - Riva del Garda - Italy



“Negli occhi di Sherazade” Alif Gallery - Rome - Italy

“Calamo & Calamo” Alif Gallery - Rome - Italy

“International Biennial of Arabic Calligraphy” Doha 2010 Arab Capital of Culture - Qatar

“International Biennial of Arabic Calligraphy” Sharjah - UAE



“Gilgamesh” Solo exhibition in the international meeting: “Babel, Babylon: espace réel et lieu mythique” Paris - Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Exhibition in the Oman Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) Salalat - Oman

“Festival International des Arts Plastiques” Mahares - Tunisie

“International - Art 2009” Penag - Malaysia

“Italy - China Contemporary Art Exhibition 2009” Museum Hua - SHEN ZHEN - Guangdong - China

“Violino d’Artista” Museum of Villa Urania - Pescara - Italy

“Sufi & Zen Calligraphy” Arabic and Asian Calligraphy - Alif Gallery - Rome - Italy

“Maktub” Collective exhibition - The Il Canovaccio Gallery - Rome - Italy



“Olympic Fine Arts” China International Exhibition Center Beijing - China

“International Biennial of Arabic Calligraphy” Sharjah – UAE



“Bridge of written words” Dar Al Anda Gallery - Amman - Jordan

“Donne nel nome di Allah” Solo exhibition - Centro culturale Averroé - Rome - Italy

“Violini d’Autore” Mondomusica - Cremona - Italy

“Writing and design in western eyes” Solo Exhibition - Museum of Baotou - Inner Mongolia - China

“Festival Internationales des Arts Plastiques” Mahares - Tunisie

“The mirror, the Spinning Top, the children’s games” Eur’s Offices Palace - Rome - Italy

“On the Road” Solo exhibition - XYZ Gallery - 798 Factory - Beijing - China

“Violino d’Autore” Tamatete Gallery - Bologna - Italy



“Calligraphy for the Lebanon” Mediterranean Festival - Città di Covensano - Bari - Italy

“International Biennal of Arabic Calligraphy” Solo exhibition - Sharjah - UAE



“Letters Draw Life” Hunar Gallery - Dubai - UAE

“The Discovery of Engraving” Stamperia del Tevere Gallery - Rome - Italy



Tour in Italy of the exhibition “Mille e un segno, tre calligrafi in mostra” The Canvas Gallery and Adnkronos (Rome), San Lazzaro (Bologna), Zonarelli Intercultural Centre (Bologna), Chiostro di Santa Maria la Nova (Naples), Centro congressi (Capri)



“International Biennial of Arabic Calligraphy” - Sharjah - UAE

“Love” Il Canovaccio Gallery - Rome - Italy



“Oriental signs” Solo exhibition - Nice - France

International Prize of Visual design “Antonio Canova” - Rome - Italy

“Art of Peace” Il Canovaccio Gallery - Rome - Italy


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